Indonesia Becomes ACSI’s Newest Global Partner

In May, Indonesia joined a growing list of countries to adopt the ACSI methodology and create a national index of customer satisfaction. ACSI’s program for international partners – Global CSI – allows these organizations to create customer satisfaction indexes for their own national economies using ACSI’s methods and software. Data collection on the Indonesian project is set to begin this summer, with inaugural results planned for release in October 2011. ACSI contracted with Mars-Indonesia, a well-respected market research firm headquartered in Jakarta and founded by Dr. Asto Subroto, to produce Indonesia’s national index of satisfaction. Dr. Forrest Morgeson of ACSI traveled to Jakarta in May to work with Dr. Subroto’s team and help plan the index.

In addition to Indonesia, versions of the ACSI are ongoing in Barbados, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. A pilot study is also set to launch in 2011 in South Africa.

ACSI Research Presented at the 66th Annual AAPOR Conference

While ACSI research focuses first and foremost on consumer satisfaction results and the implications of these results for companies and government agencies, there is a great deal of additional knowledge that can be gained from the rich and expansive ACSI database. This past Friday, May 13th, some of this knowledge was shared with an audience at the 66th Annual American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference. In a presentation delivered by Dr. Forrest Morgeson, the consequences of multi-mode, multi-method satisfaction data collection (i.e. conducting interviewing over both the telephone and the Internet) were discussed. The results indicate that in regards to consumer satisfaction research, collecting data over both the telephone and the Internet does not dramatically impact or alter the sample or the conclusions, when compared to data collected only over the telephone. Thus contrary to the findings of some other research (mostly focused on interviewing regarding political opinions), multi-method interviewing appears to be a promising tool for satisfaction researchers, if done carefully and correctly. 

You can download a copy of the presentation here: ACSI AAPOR Presentation.