ACSI Research on Cross-National Customer Satisfaction Released

The new study, titled “An Investigation of the Cross-National Determinants of Customer Satisfaction” and forthcoming in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, examines a very large sample of customer satisfaction data across 19 nations to determine which factors are most responsible for differences in satisfaction scores across countries. The findings, detailed in the article, should prove useful to market researchers, academic researchers, and those generally interested in how competitiveness impacts economic success in the global economy.

Study abstract: “Many multinational corporations have implemented cross-national satisfaction measurement programs for tracking and benchmarking the satisfaction of their customers across their various markets. These companies measure satisfaction with the goal of maximizing customer loyalty and the financial benefits associated with loyalty. However, existing research comparing consumer satisfaction across nations is limited, with the few existing studies examining only a small number of countries or predictors of satisfaction, or a small group of consumers within a particular economic sector. To expand our knowledge of the determinants of cross-national variation in customer satisfaction, we study three sets of factors: cultural, socioeconomic and political-economic. We utilize a unique sample of cross-industry satisfaction data from 19 nations, including nearly 257,000 interviews of consumers. Consistent with our hypotheses, we find that culture does impact satisfaction. We also find a negative relationship between per capita gross domestic product and satisfaction, but a positive relationship between satisfaction and literacy rate, trade freedom, and business freedom. We discuss the implications of these findings for policymakers, multinational corporations, and researchers.”

See the “Online First” version of the article here (via SpringerLink): An Investigation of the Cross-National Determinants of Customer Satisfaction

New ACSI Partner in the Caribbean Releases First Results!

On October 20th, ACSI’s newest partner in the Caribbean released the inaugural results for its national index of customer satisfaction. Metriqual, headquartered in Santo Domingo on the island nation of the Dominican Republic, released the first set of results for INSAC (Indice Nacional de Satisfacción de Clientes República Dominicana, or National Index of Customer Satisfaction-Dominican Republic) in several media outlets and on its website. These results covered three industries vital to the economy of DR: Credit Cards, Mobile Telephone Service, and Health Insurance. With the release, the Dominican Republic joins a rapidly growing list of countries using the ACSI methodology to create national indices of customer satisfaction, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey. To learn more about INSAC’s first set of results, visit their website: Metriqual/INSAC. To learn more about all of ACSI’s global partnerships, visit our website: ACSI Global Leadership.